Mountain, Urban and Titans

Partly sunny best describes the weather forecast for this coming Sunday (Dec. 30). The urban ride will depart from the usual starting point at 1:00 P.M.
Plan to ride the entire west side Tour de Nash route @ 30 miles. Moderate pace.
Don't try to use the Titans game as an excuse as the kickoff time has been rescheduled to 7:15 P.M.

Progress is being made on the Shelby Bottoms Bridge. It was nice to meet some fellow "gate jumpers" checking it out yesterday. Click here for details about a fun ride to celebrate the future opening of the bridge.


Ride On !

The forecast for Sunday (Dec 23) has improved. I'm planning a low key (aka:easy) ride starting @ 1:00 pm and terminating at 3Crow prior to the Titans 3:15 pm kickoff. Route to be decided/debated.

Great holiday gathering at Take 121 Arts last night ! Thanks to Trey for the invite! You can check his photography here. Very cool stuff.

For those of you who can't make it on Sunday, Happy Holidays!


The Infusion

Harpeth Bike Club's holiday party held this past Saturday night was a blast. The peeps, food,drink and band were splendid !!! Carbon and lycra stayed home. Frequent topics of conversation in the crowd included who brought the infusion and rumors of another East Nashville based poker run (please!). Check out their website. The rides are always fun (but challenging) and the social activities rawk.

The weather forecast is rather gloomy for Sunday (Dec 23). Hopefully the clouds will part after lunch so the ride may go on. Worst case scenario: get in a few miles by riding to 3Crow and watch the Titans vs Jets, which kicks off at an unusual time of 3:15 pm.

Check back later for more details of this coming Sunday's ride.

A posse ad esse. JVC

They Call It Snowy Sunday

The weather forecast for Sunday (Dec 16) is not conducive to cycling, so I am not planning an organized ride.

I wouldn't mind doing a hike around noonish on Sunday. I found this trail at Long Hunter State Park. The 4 mile option sounds good for a noon start if anyone is interested.


This is how we roll

For mid December, yesterday's weather was near perfect for an afternoon ride. The streets were a little damp but spirits were high as we gallivanted through Centennial Park, Sylvan Park and Elmington Park (where we witnessed the pseudo-bravehearts practicing the slaughter of their brethren).

After cruising Belmont/Music Row and the Demonbreun corridor, we proceeded across the Gateway Bridge. From the brige, the scoreboard at LP was visible and clearly indicated that Titans were headed for another victory...or so we thought.

Ron led the pack down the Shelby Greenway and we checked out the progress on the new pedestrian/bike bridge which will be the focus of an upcoming bike event. From there we backtracked to 3Crow. I was pushing a 46x16 single speed and Dan decided to lead us out of Shelby Park by climbing a hill steeper than El Capitan.

Christen and David on their tandem with daughter in tow decided to call it a day as it was getting late and darkness loomed. We joined the crowd at 3Crow to revel in the Titans victory. How things can change in a few short minutes in pro football. They lost, but the pizzas were good.

The highlight of 3Crow is when some dude who was double fisting a Miller High Life and a glass of straight whiskey accidentally marinated Dan's entire torso with the whiskey. Thank goodness there were no open flames around !

Having viewed the extended weather forecast, I don't want to prematurely post details for next weekend's ride. Check back later. JVC

Sunday Ride - Saturday Night Fight

Greetings All,
I've decided to post future information for the Sunday rides and other related social events via blogspot.

This Sunday's Ride (12/9)
Start time: 1:00 pm
Start Location: 1307 2nd Ave North 37208
Route: A modified version of the east/west Tour de Nash
Distance: 18 to 20 miles
Pace: Easy/Moderate
Planned Stop: 3 Crow Bar in time for the 4th quarter of the Titans game
End time: 4:30 (before dark !)
Predicted weather: 72 degrees / partly sunny

Saturday Night Fight (12/8)
With the help of our friend at Comcast, I plan to have the PPV Mayweather/Hatton fight (click here for details) at my place Saturday night. The fight is scheduled to start @ 8:00 pm cst. I'll have some Yazoo and snacks on hand, but bring whatever you would like.