Wintertime Blues

It is hard to convince fellow slacker urban cyclists to get out in the cold and damp. Mountain biking excursions have proven to be a great way to go slower and not be exposed to the elements for long periods of time.

Check back regularly. Should a warm(er) Sunday appear in the forecast, the ride will be ON !!!

A Sunday Afternoon SingleSpeed Build - Nov. 16, 2008

Begin with a pre-loved Surly Steamroller frame and a cannibalistic* mindset.
*Prepared to rob parts from other bikes.

Add a bottom bracket, cranks, and pedals.
Throw in ye olde flip-flip rear wheel.
Piece together a Kool chain....
Slide in a seat post and seat....

Steamroller Build Continued....

Add a headset and fork...

Attach spacers and stem. Forget the hacksaw! Give me comfort.

Bullhorn bar, brake lever, cable, and caliper.
The inspection and test ride. Success.
A special thanks to Eastside Dan and Big Ring Ron for their inspiration and assistance.
Mafiaoza's or BUST !!!!!!!!

No Ride - November 16

The graphic below says it all...

A Few Pics From the 10/26 Dam Ride

Click on pictures to enlarge...

Tour de J. Percy Priest Dam - October 26

Forecast: Mild temps and sunny.

Where: Meet on the patio of Beyond the Edge (112 S 11th St. 37206).

Time: Ride starts at 1:00 P.M.

Route: Greenways to J. Percy Priest Dam and return.

Distance: 28 miles total.

Pace: Greenway appropriate, please.

Terrain: All paved/hard surfaced, mostly flat, a few minor hills and 1 major hill.

Rain Cancels.

Mountain Biking - October 12

Slighty straying from the urban theme this week. Joining up with some HBCers and going mountain biking at Montgomery Bell State Park at noon on Sunday. Trail details and directions here.

Be sure to check out the photo at the bottom eastsidecyclist's latest post. PLEASE JUMP !!!

Cruise the Eastside Ride - October 5

Time: Starts at noon (12:00 P.M.)

Where: Beyond the Edge (112 South 11th St.) Click here for directions.

Route: Slightly modified Eastside Tour de Nash route. A few minor hills.

Distance: @ 14 miles

Pace: Perfect for beginners, slackers and anyone who just wants to enjoy the early fall vistas and being outdoors . Let gravity and inertia do the work when possible.
Duration: @ 1.5 hours and return to BTE in time to watch the 2nd half of the Titans game, if you so desire.

Kerry or Tom Collins Ride - Sept. 28

Since last week's "Where Was VY? Tribute Ride" was blown out, this Sunday's ride will somewhat mimic the one planned for last week.

When: Sunday, September 28, High Noon.
Where: Meet at the fighter jet in Centennial Park.
Route: Westside Tour de Nash route minus PW Park.
Pace: Moderate, plan to stay in a loose group.
Terrain: Gently Rolling.
Distance: @ 20 miles.
Difficulty Level: Tom Collins , easy mix of flats/gentle hills.
Planned Stops: Granny White Market and Mafiaoza's in time to see the 2nd half of the Titans' game.

Where was VY? Tribute Ride - Sunday, Sept. 14

It was reported that Vince had gone missing earlier this week. After half the MNPD and SWAT team were dispatched to find his whereabouts, it turned out he and a buddy had gone to Nuttin but Wings for a couple of dozen hot ones (and a few cold ones!) and to watch Monday Night Football.

In tribute to the drama caused by this wing related incident, here are the parameters for this Sunday's Ride, Sept. 14.

1. The ride will begin at high noon (12:00) beneath the wings of the fighter jet in Centennial Park. Check this out if you have The Time.

2. Route: Sylvan Park, Richland, BMeade, Tyne, Radnor?, Granny White, blah, blah...eventually winding up at Mafiaoza's . Give or take, 20 miles. Rolling hills. Moderate pace. Plan to stay grouped.

3. The ride will officially terminate at Mafiaoza's, but stick around for hot wings*, pizza, 2-4-1s and the 2nd half of the Titan's game.

*Yes, Mafiaoza's has wings and they have TVs at the outdoor bar. Nuttin but Wings is closed on Sundays. If you can think of any other place with 2-4-1, hot wings, TVs and smoke-less, please let me know and we may modify the terminus.

The Sunday Ride - September 7, 2008

A few photos from the Greek Festival........

The temp and humidity are supposed to be mild this Sunday and perfect for an afternoon ride to the 21st Annual Greek Festival. Here are links to the food/drink menu and dancing schedule. Admission is $2 bucks.

Start Time: 1:00 P.M. sharp !

Where: Beyond the Edge (click here for directions). If you prefer to meet at Centennial Park and avoid Titans' traffic, you may join the ride as it rolls past the west end of the Parthenon @ 1:45.
Route: A modified Tour de Nash west side.
Distance: @ 25 miles total.

Pace: Easy. Plan to ride as a group.

Terrain: Gently rolling.

Estimated saddle time: @ 2.5 hours

Feel free to email me any dumb questions.

Alley Cat Race - Team Forming

There is a very loosely organized team forming for Saturday night's Alley Cat Race (Aug. 30). The race starts at 8:00 P.M. @ Centennial Park. The team is going to have a pre-race gathering at U.S. Border Cantina (29th Ave. N) at 6:00 P.M.

To participate in the race team, I recommend that you have the following functional items: bicycle, front and rear lights, helmet, and clothing (optional).

This is for fun. Please do not take race team concept too seriously :)

If you can't make the race, feel free to stop by U.S. Border Cantina for drinks, dinner, autographs, team photos, etc.

Race information is available at

Email me if you have any questions.

September 8th, 2008 at 6:00 p.m.

The Jim Benson Memorial Bicycle Ride
10 – 12 mile loop starting at Siegel High School, Murfreesboro, TN

All riders of any experience level are encouraged to attend. The ride speed will be slow, single file, and silent.

Please use the back parking lot at Siegel, which is closest to Thompson Lane. All riders must wear a helmet.

For more information, contact Steve Clevenger at
Siegel High School

Saturday, August 9 Meet-up Ride @ Tomato Art Festival

Let me first say that I sincerely apologize if reading this blog is interrupting your training regimen.

If it is not a violation of your pro contract, how about breaking out a cruiser bike (blasphemy!) or any other POS with two wheels and meeting up at the Tomato Art Festival @ 2:00pm on Saturday, August 9 ?

Meet in front of I Dream of Weenie at 2:00 P.M. Most bikers usually park their wheels across the street in front of the post office.

Hang out for a while, have conversations, consume food and beverages, listen to live music, people watch and then cruise through East Nashille/Shelby Bottoms at a leisurely pace (horrid!).This festival was a lot of fun last year. Here is a link to their website:

If your sponsor(s) and/or team director finds participating in this activity objectionable, then you should consider renegotiating your deal.

LTTKAH (Leave the team kit at home)

Posted with love.

July 20 - No Organized Ride, etc.

This summer has been filled with some great cycling. By the time Sunday afternoon rolls around I'm ready for R & R rather than suffer the mid-afternoon heat. I plan to resume the Sunday Ride when temperatures are milder and there are not so many other cycling related events going on.

If you are looking for adventure:

There is an Alley Cat race Saturday night (July 19). Meet on the south side of Centennial Park at 8:00 P.M. I assume that is along West End Ave. (Those are all the details that I have. Sorry.)

Ride Safely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Return to Innocence Ride - June 29

Revisit the time long before the terms spandex, heart rate, cadence and average speed were a part of your everyday vocabulary.

Leave the team kit at home and enjoy a leisurely social ride to yesteryear !!!
When: Sunday, June 29
Time: Ride starts at 1:00 P.M.
Where: Centennial Park (in the parking area along 25th Avenue North across from the Centennial Sportsplex). Click here for directions. Restrooms are on-site.
Route: Circle Centennial Park then head out to Sylvan Park and the Richland Creek Greenway. Plan on a stop at the legendary Bobbie's Dairy Dip for a refreshing ice cream treat !!!
Pace: Nice for human interaction and conversation.
Distance: Somewhere @ 15 miles.
Dress Code: Anything baggy and/or comfortable !!! Don't forget your helmet !
Email me if you have questions or suggestions.
Post-ride refreshments will be available at Springwater Supper Club and Lounge. (We can't be completely innocent :)

The Sunday Ride, etc. - June 22

To the Dam ! Back by popular demand.

When: Sunday, June 22. Starts at 1:00 P.M. sharp.

Where: Meet at Beyond the Edge. Click here for directions. Free parking in lot next to BTE or on street.

Route: Take the greenways over to Percy Priest Dam and return.
Hang around for snacks/libations afterwards !

Distance: @ 25 miles

Pace: Easy/moderate Terrain: Flat/rolling

Bring water !!!!!!

Helpful Hint: Be sure to inflate your tires prior to the ride. The recommended psi can usually be found on the sidewall of the tire.

Ride safely !!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sunday Ride - June 15

A Cycling Tour of Parks

When: Sunday, June 15

Start: The railroad trestle at Bicentennial Mall Park - 600 James Robertson Parkway (across from the State Capitol). Free parking is availabe in any of the large state parking lots just northeast of the trestle.

Time: 1:00 P.M.

Route: Cruise the Bicentennial Mall, Centennial Park, McCabe Park and Radnor Lake.

Distance: @ 25 miles
Pace: 10-13 mph average
Terrain: mostly flat, a few hills.

Bring plenty of water/sports drink !!!

Extracurricular Activity : Re-fueling on Mafiaoza's Patio near the end of the ride (2-4-1 on Sundays!).

June 8 Ride Recap

Dam ! Dam! Dam! Everybody wants to go to the dam.

A high spirited group gathered on the patio of BTE despite the sweltering temperature. New riders were welcomed and the adventure was on: 20 scenic miles.

The first stop was atop the greenway connector bridge.

The turn-a-round point was the Daily's on Stewarts Ferry Pike. Tempers flared as someone pointed out their odometer reading was 14.2 miles at the halfway point of a 20 mile ride. The mood definitely improved as everyone re-hydrated and had snacks.

The "bobcat hole" bridge has obviously not been repaired.
The ride ended up being @ 29 miles. After-ride pizza, Dos Perros and pleasant conversation erased the pain of heat exhaustion and sore butts.
Thanks to everyone for coming out and riding safely !!!