Super Bowl Party

I have been coerced into having a Super Bowl Party.
(That means no Sunday Ride.)

Time/Place: 3:00 pm, Sunday (Feb. 3) at my place.

The kitchen will open at 1:00 pm for anyone wanting to do pre-party onsite cooking / food prep. I plan on having chili (Carrie help?), clam chowder (Kyle) and cornbread/slaw (Tiffany). Complimentary food/drink items would be appreciated.

If so desired, bring $ for gaming activities .....

Feel free to bring any guests that do not require behavior interventions on a regular basis.

If you have questions or concerns, please let me know. JVC

Ride Recap

Yesterday's ride began by traversing the mean streets of Metro Center and the picturesque rolling hills of Dodge City.

Kudos to Metro Public Works as the bike lane along Dr. D.B. Todd Blvd. was freshly swept and clear of flat causing debris.

From there the group progressed to Centennial Park for a short rest stop. It was discovered that the public restrooms were closed for winter. A hooligan was spotted in the underbrush near the locked restroom entry.

Then, on to Sylvan Park where we picked up the Richland Creek Greenway and met up with two friendly McCabe area residents at the trailhead. They were out on cruisers soaking up the warm afternoon sunshine...

Matt flatted after running over a chunk of something the size of an unexploded WW II bomb (Yes, I saw the new Rambo last night) on the bridge of White Bridge Rd. After a quick repair we headed for downtown and paused to collect our thoughts on the Shelby Pedestrian Bridge.

As the shadows grew longer, we decided to head over to the eastside for a quick pizza. The pizza I ordered was so perfectly cooked that it inspired me to sing !!! My compliments to the chef at 3Crow.
Hey Lil' Tiffnee, how is this for a cooking idea????

Afterwards, a group of buds got together and drove over to Green Hills to watch Sly solve all the genocide problems in Burma with the help of a 50 caliber machine gun and bow & arrow. If you like good triumphing over evil, see it.

Super Bowl Party, Sunday (Feb. 3), 3:00 pm. Check back later for details....

Cure for the Wintertime Blues

The weather forecast for Sunday (Jan. 27) is promising, so the ride is on ! The route will be determined by consensus within the group. Option A: 15 miles on the east side. Option B: 30 miles on the west side. The ride starts here. 1:00 P.M.

February 3 will mark the 1st annual Superbowl Sunday Ride/Party. Check back later for more information.

Registration is open for 3 States 3 Mountains. Century or Metric???? Let your conscience be your guide.... Last year's 3S3M was a blast ! See pics below.

The Next Best Thing

Some of the usual Sunday Ride crew are going to meet at Mafiaoza's @ 3:30 on Sunday (Jan. 20) for pizza and swill. That should be about halftime of the first NFL game. SD at NE 2:00pm. NY at GB 5:30pm.

Come on out!

Old Man Winter

Since the high temp for Sunday (Jan. 20) is predicted to be 35 degrees, it looks like the Sunday Ride will again be cancelled. Call me whatever, but that is way too cold to have fun on a bike unless mega alcohol intake applies to the situation!

Here is a link to video showcasing the new ped/bike bridge. Keep in mind the planned celebratory event taking place after its completion.

sapienti sat, JVC

The 50 / 50 Rule

A wise old Harley rider once told me that if the weatherman predicts a 50% chance of rain and the high temperature not to exceed 50 degrees, cancel the ride. The forecast for Sunday (Jan 13) meets that cancellation criteria. If the forecast should change, I'll post details for the reinstated ride. JVC

A Ride of Epic Proportion

Yesterday's 16 miler set the bar for fun winter outdoor activity. With temperatures in the high 60s, a dozen riders headed out to explore the wilds of Shelby Bottoms.
Lots of folks were out walking, running, blading and biking so the greenway was quite busy. Above are a couple of pics of some "trespassers" traversing the construction gate at the new ped/bike bridge. Progress looked great!

There were a couple of families atop the earthen bridge ramp when we rode by. All the kids up there went bezerk when they saw (and heard) our crew.

The legendary end of Riverside Drive incline claimed yet another victim.

Actually, Fred climbed it twice: on his fixie and a beach cruiser.
Matt also smoked it on his single speed/coaster brake.

After the hill climb challenge, we made our way to 3 Crow and group practiced the primal scream in a failed effort to cheer the Titans to victory.

Check back later in the week for details of upcoming rides. JVC

A Meeting of the Minds

This past Sunday's ride welcomed a large contingent from Harpeth Bike Club joining the regular motley crew. Singlespeeds and carbon fibers do mix. We covered @ 30 miles by cruising Metro Center, Dodge City, Centennial Park, BM Boulevard, Tyne, the dreaded hills of Otter Creek, Granny White and eventually winding up at Mafiaoza's for appetizers and swill. Some of the group had opted for a short cut and were about two pints ahead of us upon arrival. It was a chilly ride back to the starting point, but all were in good humor.

Sunday's Ride (January 6), 1:00 P.M.

The ride starts here.

The forecast looks a little dicey, but moderate in temperature. The Titans march to the super bowl commences at 3:30 pm.
Plan to cruise the Shelby Bottoms Greenway , eastside bike lanes and maybe (just maybe) attempt the infamous incline at the end of Riverside Drive. Ride length not to exceed 15 miles definitely rolling into 3 Crow prior to kickoff.

Email me at if you have questions or suggestions.