The Sunday Ride for March 2

Sunday looks like it is going to be be an awesome day for cycling!!!!

It's too cold. It might rain. The streets are wet. I have to go to the grocery store. I'm hung over. My laundry is piled up. My spouse wants me to (fill in the blank). My girlfriend/boyfriend is in town... no excuses this time...

Spring is almost here. I guess it is time to get relatively serious...

An excellent adventure is planned. If weather permits, plan to do the entire westside TdN route (minus Warner Park) for a total of @ 30 miles at a 12-14 mph pace. No one will be left behind. We will regroup at various spots along the way. Cue sheets will be available. I will sweep.

1:00 P.M., Sunday, March 2, my place.

Sunday Afternoon Mayhem - February 24

With cloudy skies threatening rain/snow and temps much colder than forecast, the ride was bordering on cancellation. A group of 5 decided to brave the elements for an abbreviated ride. The original plan was to ride @ 30 miles at a moderate pace. The modified ride resulted in 20 miles at a widely varying pace.

After cruising through Centennial Park (where's Kendall?), we headed over to Les's crib so he could make the switch to his fixie. While Les was prepping his fixie for the ride, an eastside ruffian tried to jack Matt's vintage Clubman. Luckily, I was able to thwart the would be thief by activating my super human power of flight.

Due to a tube issue, Les didn't get to ride fixie but he did show it off using his manicured lawn and landscaping as a backdrop.

Onward to the recently extended Richland Creek Greenway. It is an awesome trail that follows the perimeter of McCabe golf course.

Are we lost yet?

We ran across this nice gentleman doing battle in Elmington Park. ( Insert Darth Vader breathing sound here).

A special thanks to Terrie of Mafiaoza's for taking care of the crew.

And Elvis was spotted....

Upcoming events that you don't want to miss: Cross Dressing the Bridge, Nashville Scavenger Hunt and Big Wheel races.(details coming soon).

Sunday Ride - February 24

Let's hope this forecast holds true.

30 miles at a moderate pace.

FYI: 3S3M is 73 days away.

This is an event that you don't want to miss: Cross Dressing the Bridge

I'm also working on a scavenger hunt for late March. Stay tuned for more info.....

Spring Fever Trifecta

The early morning storms held yesterday's ride in limbo until the last minute... but shortly after noon, spring fever errupted in Nashville. It was a little breezy, but warm temps and sunny skies drew hundreds of folks outdoors.

We casually rolled toward Centennial Park and cruised around the lake sharing the trail with many others who were enjoying the vistas. From there the group rolled through the Vandy campus where we were almost trampled to death by a wandering herd of what appeared to be mutant homo sapiens that were mostly clad in orange and white. The bike lanes along Belmont Boulevard provided a much needed stress relief.

We chatted with some local politicians on the patio of Mafiaozas while enjoying pizza and ale. On to the Red Door West...

With the Daytona 500 occupying every TV screen and blaring through the sound system, we perched on the deck overlooking Division St. and chatted with the peeps at the table next to us who were rolling their own. Big Wheel racing is huge on the west coast. Nashville needs one badly.

Lots of laughs at the Red Door and the thrill of using hidden bike parking.

East to the Music Row Round-a bout for some crit racing and a spectacular view of Musica framed by the blue sky and pillowy clouds (click picture).

Last stop was Broadway Brewhouse -Downtown. We were seated next to a nice couple from Massachusetts who were obviously trying to overcome the sadness of Mitt Romney withdrawing from the Presidential Race. Using O'Doul's to ease the pain ? That is a new concept.

Sunday Ride - February 17

The forecast is definitely improving !

If it is not raining on Sunday, the ride will go on. Start time: 1:00 PM. Plan on the full west side TdN route @ 30 miles at a moderate pace. There will be a "refueling" stop near the end.

Here is a great early season local ride. It is not posted on Active. Mail-in or on-site registration only. Mail-in deadline is March 14. Registration form.

Today is Valentine's Day. Here is a little very old school morsel for all the lovers out there.

Fixed for a Day

After a beautiful Saturday, I refused to accept the fact that yesterday's high was only going to be 42 degrees with NW winds at 20-25 mph, so the ride started in good spirits. A loosely assembled version of the fantastic four rolled westward with a nice tailwind pushing. Near the Bicentennial Mall I suddenly realized that I was the only one not riding a fixed-gear. Through the magic of a flip-flop hub, we pulled over and presto: everyone was now riding fixed-gear. Destination: Mafiaoza's.

Fred led the way, trying his best to find the weaknesses in the all fixie crowd: lots of quick turns, rapid descents and sudden stops made for a challenging ride. Matt had built up an awesome vintage Austrian made Clubman for the ride. Very nice and unique.

An important equation to remember for Mafiaoza's:
Dos Perros + The Last Request + Fresh Jalapenos = Immediate Indigestion

A special thanks goes to Ron for agreeing to share a Last Request with extra jalapenos. Can I get extra Tums with that, please? Pretty please?????

The "all downhill" ride home was a killer with a strong freezing cold headwind.

Hurry up spring !!!!!!!!!!! Please !!!!!

Sunday Ride - Feb. 10

Local forecasters continue to raise the expected high temperature for this coming Sunday (Feb. 10). They all agree that it is going to be sunny !!!!
Plan on a distance of 15-20 miles depending on temperature. Start time: 1:00 PM, here.
If you want to see a fantastic band (at a reasonable time for "mature" folks), check out the Pat Buchanan Band at 3rd & Lindsley , Saturday night (Feb. 9), 7:00 P.M. They ROCK ! Their set usually lasts @ 90 minutes. You'll be home in time to watch Matlock.
3S3M is less than 90 days away. I can feel the cramps coming on already !!!!! Also, the post time for the Kentucky Derby is 6:04 EST that same day. My covert plan is to convince the crew to try the full century and finish in time to see the Derby.