Sunday is Looking Great !!!!

Upcoming local FREE Cycling events:
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April 6 (This Sunday)- 1:00 p.m.
Nashville Scavenger Hunt - A cycling event. Bling bling trophies and door prizes. Put together a team of 3 to 5 riders or just show up and join a team on site. Please, let's not take this too seriously :) FUN FUN FUN and it's FREE. Start is at Beyond the Edge. Registration opens at noon. Riders go out at 1:00. (The Scavenger Hunt is being held in lieu of the regular Sunday Ride)

April 12 (Next Saturday) - High Noon. Crossdressing the Bridge - Be a part of history. The first cycling event of its kind to be held in Nashville. Great prize give-a-ways ! Darn, I already have a run in my hose !!! Come out and celebrate cycling !!! FREE

. . . .

March 23 - Easter Sunday - No Ride

Due to the holiday, there will be no official Sunday Ride on March 23. I do plan to hook up with HBC and do @ 40 miles Saturday morning @ 9:00 am. Email me if you are interested.

The Scavenger Hunt is on! Mark your calendars for April 6.
Great door prizes and awesome homemade trophies !!! I'll be posting pictures of the trophies soon on the scavenger hunt website.
Upcoming event: Get your dress ready !!!!

Ride for March 16

If weather permits, the ride is on. Planned stops: Mulligan's Pub and Dan McGuiness. Rolling out at 1:00. Snail pace avoiding all hills possible :)

March 9 Ride Recap

The snow melted and the temp was perfect for an afternoon ride. Peer pressure persuaded me to break out the spandex and road bike. A 100% clickity clack, clickity clack group it was. Our small but voracious pack took on a modified westside TdN route joining up with more riders at Centennial Park and Sylvan Park (welcome back Trey).

Otter Creek Hill is just not the same when you have 20 different gear ratios to select from. We refueled at the market on Granny White and pedaled through Radnor Lake at a very comfortable pace.

What a day not to have the camera (spandex = no pockets). A dude was practicing tight rope (actually loose rope) walking near Lipscomb as we passed by in a near land speed record blur.

Jill (aka: human voice cue sheet) prompted us home. With the smell of pizza in the air, my heart yearned as we rolled past Mafiaoza's.

The final tally was around 26 miles with lots of fun and laughs. It set a new record as the shortest (elapsed time) Sunday Ride ever.

Sunday Ride -March 9 is on!

Plan on a modified westside route @ 20 miles at an easy pace. Starts at 1:00 here . I heard 56 degrees later this afternoon....

Here are some pics from yesterday's HBC hike. Click pictures to enlarge.

Ride safely.

Sunday Ride - March 9 - Suspended

The forecast is not looking good for Sunday. Should the weather break, I will send out an email Sunday morning announcing if the ride is on.
Anyone for snowcream ? Enjoy the weekend.

2 Rides in One Day

Spring fever has officially erupted in Nashville. Regina of HBC organized a fantastic morning ride. A spry group rolled from the Lipscomb area to Bongo Java East to get caffeineated and then joined the hordes of cyclist/walkers on the Shelby Bottoms Greenway. Most of our group threw caution to wind and crossed the soon to be completed bridge.

Thanks for putting together a GREAT ride!!!!!!!!!!!!

The official Sunday Ride began at 1:00. With Donna sporting her new Jamis, we took on the brutal headwinds of Metro Center Levee intent upon completing the westside TdN route.

The Richand Creek Greenway was also quite lively.

As usual, the dreaded Otter Creek Hill claimed its victims. Me being one of them.

Chrissy and Ron decided to have a pose down at Mafiaoza's.

I want muscles !!!!!

As a great day of riding wound down, lil' Tiffnee and her beau Glenn savored the atmosphere...(insert Neil Diamond tune here) We danced until the night became a brand new day....

Next week= more miles in preparation for 3S3M.