Kerry or Tom Collins Ride - Sept. 28

Since last week's "Where Was VY? Tribute Ride" was blown out, this Sunday's ride will somewhat mimic the one planned for last week.

When: Sunday, September 28, High Noon.
Where: Meet at the fighter jet in Centennial Park.
Route: Westside Tour de Nash route minus PW Park.
Pace: Moderate, plan to stay in a loose group.
Terrain: Gently Rolling.
Distance: @ 20 miles.
Difficulty Level: Tom Collins , easy mix of flats/gentle hills.
Planned Stops: Granny White Market and Mafiaoza's in time to see the 2nd half of the Titans' game.

Where was VY? Tribute Ride - Sunday, Sept. 14

It was reported that Vince had gone missing earlier this week. After half the MNPD and SWAT team were dispatched to find his whereabouts, it turned out he and a buddy had gone to Nuttin but Wings for a couple of dozen hot ones (and a few cold ones!) and to watch Monday Night Football.

In tribute to the drama caused by this wing related incident, here are the parameters for this Sunday's Ride, Sept. 14.

1. The ride will begin at high noon (12:00) beneath the wings of the fighter jet in Centennial Park. Check this out if you have The Time.

2. Route: Sylvan Park, Richland, BMeade, Tyne, Radnor?, Granny White, blah, blah...eventually winding up at Mafiaoza's . Give or take, 20 miles. Rolling hills. Moderate pace. Plan to stay grouped.

3. The ride will officially terminate at Mafiaoza's, but stick around for hot wings*, pizza, 2-4-1s and the 2nd half of the Titan's game.

*Yes, Mafiaoza's has wings and they have TVs at the outdoor bar. Nuttin but Wings is closed on Sundays. If you can think of any other place with 2-4-1, hot wings, TVs and smoke-less, please let me know and we may modify the terminus.

The Sunday Ride - September 7, 2008

A few photos from the Greek Festival........

The temp and humidity are supposed to be mild this Sunday and perfect for an afternoon ride to the 21st Annual Greek Festival. Here are links to the food/drink menu and dancing schedule. Admission is $2 bucks.

Start Time: 1:00 P.M. sharp !

Where: Beyond the Edge (click here for directions). If you prefer to meet at Centennial Park and avoid Titans' traffic, you may join the ride as it rolls past the west end of the Parthenon @ 1:45.
Route: A modified Tour de Nash west side.
Distance: @ 25 miles total.

Pace: Easy. Plan to ride as a group.

Terrain: Gently rolling.

Estimated saddle time: @ 2.5 hours

Feel free to email me any dumb questions.