Saturday, August 9 Meet-up Ride @ Tomato Art Festival

Let me first say that I sincerely apologize if reading this blog is interrupting your training regimen.

If it is not a violation of your pro contract, how about breaking out a cruiser bike (blasphemy!) or any other POS with two wheels and meeting up at the Tomato Art Festival @ 2:00pm on Saturday, August 9 ?

Meet in front of I Dream of Weenie at 2:00 P.M. Most bikers usually park their wheels across the street in front of the post office.

Hang out for a while, have conversations, consume food and beverages, listen to live music, people watch and then cruise through East Nashille/Shelby Bottoms at a leisurely pace (horrid!).This festival was a lot of fun last year. Here is a link to their website:

If your sponsor(s) and/or team director finds participating in this activity objectionable, then you should consider renegotiating your deal.

LTTKAH (Leave the team kit at home)

Posted with love.

July 20 - No Organized Ride, etc.

This summer has been filled with some great cycling. By the time Sunday afternoon rolls around I'm ready for R & R rather than suffer the mid-afternoon heat. I plan to resume the Sunday Ride when temperatures are milder and there are not so many other cycling related events going on.

If you are looking for adventure:

There is an Alley Cat race Saturday night (July 19). Meet on the south side of Centennial Park at 8:00 P.M. I assume that is along West End Ave. (Those are all the details that I have. Sorry.)

Ride Safely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!