A Few Pics From the 10/26 Dam Ride

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Tour de J. Percy Priest Dam - October 26

Forecast: Mild temps and sunny.

Where: Meet on the patio of Beyond the Edge (112 S 11th St. 37206).

Time: Ride starts at 1:00 P.M.

Route: Greenways to J. Percy Priest Dam and return.

Distance: 28 miles total.

Pace: Greenway appropriate, please.

Terrain: All paved/hard surfaced, mostly flat, a few minor hills and 1 major hill.

Rain Cancels.

Mountain Biking - October 12

Slighty straying from the urban theme this week. Joining up with some HBCers and going mountain biking at Montgomery Bell State Park at noon on Sunday. Trail details and directions here.

Be sure to check out the photo at the bottom eastsidecyclist's latest post. PLEASE JUMP !!!

Cruise the Eastside Ride - October 5

Time: Starts at noon (12:00 P.M.)

Where: Beyond the Edge (112 South 11th St.) Click here for directions.

Route: Slightly modified Eastside Tour de Nash route. A few minor hills.

Distance: @ 14 miles

Pace: Perfect for beginners, slackers and anyone who just wants to enjoy the early fall vistas and being outdoors . Let gravity and inertia do the work when possible.
Duration: @ 1.5 hours and return to BTE in time to watch the 2nd half of the Titans game, if you so desire.